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Seiko Shopping in Tokyo, Japan (with Guest Appearance by Citizen)

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Vegard : The Seiko with the digital display is commonly known as the Arnie, it's a re-issue of a watch that was worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger in alot of 80s/90s movies. It has some cool features, amongst which is an option to display a second timezone, it's my go to travel watch and it wears great despite the dimensions.
Blueshirt Buddah : I always enjoy when you take us Watch shopping! Thanks Austin!
Tim Write : Another great video, Austin! Thank you for taking us on another wist watch hunt! Haha
Steve Jukic : Hi Austin,
There is life after Rolex after all. Great:-))
There is so much history about watchmaking in Japan and I hope I will be able to visit some clock museums one day.
Silberman Jean : Hey Austin, thank you for the interesting content!. Could you do second hand shops for Grand Seiko or even King Seiko? Cheers

A Visit To Seiko Japan

While "watchmaking" and "Switzerland" are at times considered to be synonymous – at least by the general public – watch aficionados are astutely aware of the rich manufacturing heritage beyond the Swiss border, in places like Germany, Britain, and Japan. A couple of months back, a few members of the HODINKEE team had the opportunity to pay a comprehensive visit to the latter, where we were given access to two of Seiko's manufacturing facilities, as well as the Seiko Museum. In this, the latest installment of our "Inside the Manufacture" series, we take a look at the watchmakers and processes behind the broad range of Seiko offerings, including mechanical, quartz, Astron GPS Solar, and Spring Drive models. From Tokyo to the northern city of Morioka and back south to Shiojiri, we crisscrossed the island nation, covering some 500 miles by high-speed train over the course of a week. For a recap of our little Japanese adventure, please enjoy our original video and photos. For more, go to:
AboHyat Tube : One of the very best watches in the world, and also with a very good price.. I Respect Japan and the Japanese people very much and i trust their works more than any other country, in cars, trains, watches... etc, and of course Movies, all kind of Movies not only the animations which the Japanese animations movies and series are the greatest ever :)
Giang Vu : Anything the Japanese make are good. The label "Made in Japan" is not a sign of status, but a sign of superior quality!
Aaron Costello : Q: "How did you wind up working here?"

A: "I was selected by my master to succeed him."

C'mon...even you Swiss watch guys have to admit that was EPIC AWESOME!
STEVE ENGLISH : The Japanese take so much more pride in what they build than their counterparts everywhere else in the world. I have owned Seiko watches my entire adult life. 50 years ago my dad bought me my first Seiko on his way back from Vietnam. I was 10 at the time and I have been wearing them ever since. There is not a better made watch for the money anywhere else in the world. Their dedication for excellence can be seen in every watch they make.
軽井沢 : I can trust anything made in Japan. Japanese always make the best things in the world.

SEIKO Shopping in TOKYO


We went to #Tokyo during our honeymoon where I took the opportunity and purchases my #JDM #SEIKO. Some impressions as well as the release of which model I finally bought you will see in this video. Hope you have fun ...
Meng X : Congratulations on your recent marriage. I have been to Japan twice and during this unfortunate time with COVID-19, I wish to return to Japan again. Japan is a beautiful country, beautiful culture, beautiful people and of course, beautiful watches. Pray that this pandemic will be over soon so we can go be able to travel all over the world again to meet old and new friends. Cheers!
Genivaldo Dos Santos Amorim : São excelentes relogio de marca de melhor qualidade, Japão só vende relogio de alta qualidade.
Watch Collecting Strategy : Ohhh the MM200 blue looked gorgeous!!! You need the Grand Seiko bro
Max S. : Love it <3
Jonathan van h : Very nice piece, congratulations!!!




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