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bic pot stand

the bic for pot stand just for fun
hobbexp : not bad,, good job 5/5

BIC . pot verite pou nou al swiv li sou paj li a respè tizon dife

Steam Baking

This is how I steam bake with this Toaks 550ml mug and the Minibulldesign Choke Hazard.

For me the trick is having a pretty dry batter, this allows to it to bake in 20 minutes or so, then I finish with the mug in the pot cozy for 10 minutes at least. It also seems to have helped by putting the carbon felt cap on the lid, I think the temperature gets a little hotter on the mug.

The fat daddio’s round cake pan I had cut down to exactly 2.5 inches tall which sits on the steaming spacer that’s 1\\4 inch tall. The pot sits just beiow the rim of the mug and the lid sits perfect.
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