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Louis Vuitton Duffle Bag: Is It Worth It? - Luxury LV Keepall Bag Review

Is a Louis Vuitton Duffle Bag worthy of a gentleman? https://gentl.mn/is-it-worth-it-lv-keepall-bag

You can take a closer look at this luxury item, here: https://eu.louisvuitton.com/eng-e1/products/keepall-bandouliere-55-monogram-000698

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00:00 Introduction

00:33 Louis Vuitton is the most powerful fashion or luxury brand in the world, today. There's a long, innovative, and at times, controversial history but most people today, know the brand for the LV monogrammed logo that's plastered all over their products. Despite the fact that now, even mainstream consumers aspire to have a Louis Vuitton item, today, it remains a sort of fashion's great status symbols and because of that, it is heavily counterfeited. Because of that, we bought our BANDOULIÈRE 55 Keepall at the local Louis Vuitton store so we can ensure it is a genuine product.

04:37 We chose the classic color combination of the brown monogram canvas with the undyed cowhide leather accents. Essentially, you could buy the bag without the shoulder strap but then it's just a keepall 55. The additional shoulder strap which costs four hundred dollars makes it the BANDOULIÈRE.

04:58 Frankly, the leather handles on the bag are so small that without the shoulder strap, the use is very limited because you can't even carry it over your shoulder. In the US, with the strap, it retails for $1,820 without tax or $1,420 without the shoulder strap. If you add the tax, it gets you over fifteen hundred or close to two thousand dollars, respectively.

05:25 Before we bought the bag, of course, we did some research, read up on the history, and checked out their website and they provided pathetically little information about the bag, the origins of the materials, and how it's made.

05:55 So how exactly is a Louis Vuitton monogrammed coated canvas made? Essentially, it is a fabric and I don't even know the material of fabric but it is a fabric coated in PVC, stands for polyvinyl chloride, also known as vinyl. It's the world's first most widely produced plastic polymer and it is a very cheap material. Because of that, I wasn't surprised that the whole PVC part was not marketed or advertised on their website. If you look at the back, it seems to be cotton but it also could be nylon or polyester-cotton blend, I don't know. The only real way to figure it out would be to send it to a lab or maybe do a burn test but we refrained from doing so.

06:43 The pros of the material are that it's quite lightweight which is great for travel. The con list is a lot longer. First of all, it's a lot less expensive than leather and also less durable and it doesn't develop as nice of a patina. General PVC or vinyl is a very pedestrian material that is used in cheap bags or a tile alternative in your kitchen. Now, Louis Vuitton keepall doesn't feel as cheap as some other vinyl bags. At the same time, it doesn't feel as nice as a high-quality leather bag either.

09:24 Next up, let's look at their double zipper which opens or closes from both sides. It's sturdy and machined out of brass rather than injection molded. On the inside, you find a smaller zipper that is likewise machined and not injection molded. It seems like it's the 24 karat gold plating but again, I'd have to send it to the lab to figure out exactly what the alloy is. Upon closer inspections, the zippers are marked with Louis Vuitton logos which is atypical because most brands have like a YKK zipper or a different brand.
Now, Louis Vuitton zippers are made by Riri which are the best zippers money can buy and they're made in Switzerland.

11:40 Now, the fact of whether something is brass or not aside, the gold plating here is rather inconsistent. For example, if you look at the D-ring and the zippers, they have this kind of yellowish greenish gold. If you then look at the gold of the strap, it's a lot more reddish gold versus the lock, it's a more intense yellow gold. If you put them all together, you have two zippers, one D-ring, and one lock in three different gold tones.

So the big question, is a Louis Vuitton Keepall BANDOULIÈRE 55 bag worth its money or not? WATCH THE VIDEO TO FIND OUT OUR VERDICT.
Zan G : If anyone's interested, I'm selling my 2003 Honda Accord for less. It can be exposed to humidity and abrasions without a worry.
JUICE BOX : Imagine paying $1800 dollar for a bag that isn’t even leather.
Greggory1987 : My aunt died last summer and left her 1991 LV 55 duffle to me. This bag means the world to me because it came from one of my dear aunts. The duffle is still in awesome condition because of superior craftsmanship.
Rick Bowen Design : Love how real this review is! People are just paying for the brand name. You could buy a much more durable, more attractive, more unique leather bag elsewhere for a fraction of the price.
Alt Victors : Love how you explained the history of the brand. Personally, I could never pull one of those off and feel comfortable about it.

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