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BMW 320i 한달에 얼마낼까?(할부, 보험료, 세금, 충전비)

신차 장기렌트\u0026리스 실시간 카톡 문의 →
이대리 추천 장기렌트가 궁금하다면 링크 클릭!

이대리가 추천 세차 용품은?→

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#bmw320i #bmw3시리즈 #320i
이대리의 대리만족CAR리뷰 : 신차 장기렌트&리스 실시간 카톡 문의 →
김승완 : 국산차가 비싸진건지.. 수입차가 싸진건지 보면 볼 수록 헷갈리는 요즘이네요 항상 좋은 영상 감사합니다!
momo mmm : 정말 도움이 많이되네요~참고할께요
티모시 : 오잉? 오늘은 할부했을때 월 납입금 계산은 빠졌네요? 그거보는맛이 있는데 ㅠㅠ
해적선장 김잡배 : M패키지까지는 커버되겠다 ㅋㅋ

0-230 km/h acceleration 2003 BMW 325i E46 192 Hp automatic top speed

2.5L, I6, 24V, 192 Hp, 245 Nm, RWD, 5-speed automatic

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burak erdinç : your differential ratio is too long (maybe 2.91). 5.gear is not avaliable. original ratio is 3.45 or 3.91? so if you change it you are faster then this.
underground legend : Engine is too loud,in my 325i you can not hear engine revs,you have to keep eyes on tachometer
Yalcin Akar : Will you make the same video with the cabrio version of this car with 2.5ci at transmission
Ice_Cube_ 17x : Its only slightly faster on 0 to 100 than the 2.2l 320i
Araz Donmazov : 235 km/h

BMW E30 325iS - “GUSHESHE”

In-depth review of a South African icon! #gusheshe #bmw #e30 #325is #bmwm3 #m3 #capetown #southafrica #bmw325is #is #325 #bmw325 #bmwm #bmwmotorsport #bmwe30
Joash Pillay : absolutely love it!, thank you for taking the time to make this video, its great to see your car in its original shape and form. The car is beautiful, there is no denying it. A car truly worthy of being called an icon.
Babiidriver Olivier : These videos are just as rare as the 325is
I've been waiting for such in depth videos for years.
Ash 928 : This is one of my favourite cars of all time, I prefer this version of the E30 over the M3 because of the lovely 6 cylinder engine and subtle looks.
Anri Marais : This is my dream car. Always have been. Always will. :) Absolutely beautiful.
Izzo : Great find. Gives me hope that I can still find an original 325iS.

Also, do you know anything about the turbo 325iSs? Were these factory or aftermarket?




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