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쿠첸 IH압력 밥솥 분해 조립 동영상

밥솥 분해 세척 조립하는 과정을 동영상 촬영하였습니다
유영필 : 쿠첸 chj-pc1012rc 모델 단선이 나서 뚜껑을 분해하고 선을 연결하고 싶은데 은색회전잠금장치를 분해하는 방법을 모르겠습니다^^; 도움 좀 부탁드립니다
Dhole Yellow : 안되겠다 사람 불러야겠다
유지훈 : 왜 분해 한건가요?

How to connect TV BOX to internet with WPS.. no wifi password needed.

Plug and Play ready. All you need is internet. No monthly fees. Comes with a Facebook group customer support page. YouTube channel video tutorials, and a 2 week money back guarantee when purchased through my eBay store...
Here are my eBay links.

Tv box with standard remote. $59 shipped.

Tv box with standard remote and keyboard remote. (No backlit) $69 shipped

Tv box with standard remote and backlit keyboard remote. $79 shipped.
Niecy : Perfect I needed this so bad
Abby Davila : Thank you so much!!! Very helpful!!!!!
gramnet : Thank you .my wifi kept turning off and would not let me connect. I fixed a box before this way and I couldn't remember how. wps worked like a charm. You are awesome.
Răzvan Afloarei : Does it work faster if you connect via WPS compared to writing your password?
Nina Blue : thank you thank you thank you thank you so so so much i want to cry you helped me big time thank you

How To Connect Your Own WiFi Without Password Using WPS Button [4K]

Note: this video education purpose
In this video you can learn how to Connect To WiFi Without Password Using WPS Button

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