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We are moving to the most advanced technology.

WSI Corp. is world class manufacture for special purpose vehicle market.

WSI Corp. products and related procedures are manufactured and/or distributed through international cooperation agreements and licensing contracts in several Engineering and manufacturing Group, WSI Corp specializes in the conception and the supply of products, services and procedures mainly related to Mobile Systems such as :

  1. Mobile hospital center
  2. Field hospital center
  3. Ambulance
  4. Various special purpose vehicles

For over 20 years WSI Corp. has used its unique experience and its leading expertise to develop mobile medical systems which are developed in collaboration with specialized services of Ministries of Defense, Ministries of Health, Ministries of the Interior and Private and Public Organizations.

WSI Corp.’s products include a conceptual approach supported by an original know-how and worldwide patented technologies, both innovative and tested, leading to a reliable and efficient investment for the customers Efficient, reliable and well-known, WSI Corp mobile hospital units have been worldwide adopted and are used.

Sprit of Doing Business

Put your trust in our hands and we will hand over to you a well designed product with Quality and Durability. Endless possibilities units for a wide variety of educational, medical, business, law enforcement and leisure applications. Let us have our requirements!

Mission Statement :
"To furnish the customer the best specialty vehicle in the industry in both quality of material and workmanship."

Providing Through "After-Technology Service" as well as "Preventative-Before-Technical-Service" is our Sprit of Doing Business. We always pay our utmost attention to our customer's diverse requirement and needs. We continue to provide solution to the challenge of improved special purposed vehicle through the various design & up-dates. Especially we are committed to providing the finest special purposed vehicles. Our know-how & experiences which will satisfy your expectation waits for you. We "WSI Corp" will provide you with high quality special purposed vehicles with satisfaction through our continuous R & D