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WSI Corp. is present in most important markets around the world.

Special Purpose Vehicle Division

We, WSI Corp., have dedicated ourselves to design and manufacture “Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) since 1998.

Hundreds of vehicles have been completed for a variety of mobile uses including Fire & Military Vehicles, Mobile Hospital System, Medical and Dental clinic Center, It & Computer Classrooms, Offices, Bookmobiles and Broadcasting Vehicles, and Other‘s Special purposed Vehicles.

Innovative designs allow your needs to be met efficiently. From floor plan to floor covering, our attention to detail makes your mobile vehicle an efficient and comfortable working environment. In-house architects and engineers design your vehicle body and floor plan with the aid of a computer Auto Cad design system, helping speed the construction process by using previously tested designs as templates for success on each project.

Architectural Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering and Business Marketing to create a distinct advantage in the design and manufacture of custom vehicles. Competitive pricing, on-site training and our guarantee, make taking possession of your specialty vehicle simple and reassuring.